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Sanders is a PBIS school.  

What does that mean?

What does the PBIS framework look like?


    data driven

    Creates positive learning environments and improves school climate for all stakeholders (students, staff, parents, community members).

    Supports all students’ academic, behavioral, and social outcomes.

    Provides proactive strategies to help prevent problems through continually teaching, modeling, and practicing appropriate behaviors.

    Encourages continuous acknowledgment and celebration of appropriate student behavior.

    Increases appropriate behavior through continual feedback and promotes a climate of greater productivity and learning.

Through PBIS, students learn about what behavior is appropriate and why those behaviors are appropriate, just like they learn reading, math, or science. Students at Sanders are “STARS.” Our expectations at Sanders are that we are all Safe, Trustworthy, Accountable, and Respectful. Students are taught social skills, including how to act in different settings, such as the classroom, on the bus, or with friends. They may learn through role-playing or the use of direct instruction using explicit social skills lessons.

At Sanders, staff at the school regularly praise students for appropriate behavior through a variety of school-wide and classroom strategies. When students make mistakes, part of PBIS is giving them an opportunity to think through their decisions and find a way to make a better choice next time. Over the six years that Sanders has been a PBIS school, data has shown a decrease of discipline referrals and overall problem behaviors.