Arrival/Dismissal and Carpool Procedures


Students may not enter the building until 7:15 am each morning. Students arriving after 7:50 am are tardy and should be escorted by a parent to sign them in. 

Students are not allowed to be signed out after 2:00 pm. 

Carpool Procedures

Students who participate in carpool must have a carpool pass from the office. Parents need to display this number in their windshield when they arrive at afternoon carpool.

Carpool begins at 7:15 am.

Students will be unloaded only at the curb.

Pull all the way to the top of the curb to begin unloading.

Your child should be ready to get out of the car with book bag in hand.

Do not wait for an adult to open the car door for you.

Car pool ends at 7:50 am, when the tardy bell rings.

If you arrive after 7:50, you must park and walk your student in:

Park in a designated parking spot.

Escort your child into the office and sign them in.

Do not send students into the building unattended.

All cars will drive past the left turn that leads to the carpool drop-off point, through a curbed turn-around by the back entrance to the parking lot where the buses come in, and then back out, making a right turn to the normal drop off point. Students will be dropped off only at the curb in front of the school.

If you are parking, and walking your child in, you MUST stay in the carpool line and access the curbed turn-around, prior to parking.