Social Studies

Natasha Beemon

Taylor Dee
Tanya Lancee - Department Chair
Andrew Maffei
Tommy Moran
Christina Pearl
Tammy Peters
Rebecca Rhinehart
Annie ThielenHead Coach - Cross Country
Stephen Tilson

Department Tutoring - Spring 2023
Econ & Gov:
On-Level & Honors
Ms. PetersTuesday3:45pm - 4:45pmRoom 120
Econ & Gov:
All Levels
Mr. SmithThursday3:45pm - 4:45pmRoom 124
US History:
Honors & AP
Ms. ThielenTuesday3:45pm - 4:45pmRom 122
US History
On-Level & Honors
Ms. DeeThursday3:45pm - 4:45pmRoom 110
World History
All Levels
Mrs. BeemonTuesday3:45pm - 4:45pmRoom 116

Additional Support
If you're looking for extra help, the materials provided by your teacher in CTLS is a great place to start.  You an also check out the resources liked below: