About School


Our Vision

Birney is a community dedicated to learning; a safe place where we can think, dream and grow into the future leaders of the world.

Our Mission

Inspire Greatness For All: Students, Teachers, Families, Community

Instructional Program

Birney offers an enriched educational experience for children. We follow the Georgia Standards of Excellence that can be accessed here


Birney Elementary School was founded in 1974. Our namesake, Alice McLellan Birney, was born in Marietta, GA. She was a co-founder of what has become known as the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). 

Alice McClellan Birney once said, "I dared to dream that I could make a difference. I saw around me, children who started to work at the age of eight or nine. Children who were too tired to learn, children unable to attend school. I talked to friends in my circle; they were concerned but what should we do? I decided with a friend of mine, to organize a meeting in Washington D.C. We invited noted educational leaders of the day. I hoped for at least two hundred people to come. On February 17, two thousand people came. They really cared as I did and thought we could make a difference. And make a difference we have! I dared to dream that I could change things for the children."