Dress Code


Standard school attire (SSA) is required Monday through Thursday each week for every student. The front office staff will call home to notify the parent/guardian of students not in SSA. Per our school policy, students not in SSA can be brought a change of clothes or receive a consequence. Please contact one of our school counselors if you need support.

Thank you for your support!

ShirtsPantsShorts and SkirtsHoodies and SweatersShoes, Socks and Tights

Must have a collar

Can be long sleeve or short sleeve

Colors: white, light blue, navy blue, yellow, red (solids only)


Colors: navy blue, black, and khaki (solids only)

No jeans or pants with rips/holes

Should fit the CCSD dress code policy for the length.

Colors: navy blue, black, and khaki (solids only)

Colors: white, light blue, navy blue, black

Winter coats are not permitted to be worn in the classroom.

No guidance for shoes (wear tennis shoes on PE days)

Socks and tights should be solid and follow standard SSA colors.


light blue collared shirt
long sleeve navy blue collared shirt
khaki pants
black pants
solid navy shortskhaki skirt
navy blue hoodie

navy blue sweater

solid white tights

solid white socks

Please Note:  SSA is NOT brand specific and can be purchased in a variety of stores (Target, Old Navy, Walmart, JCPenney, www.uniform-source.com).  

Cool Weather Guidelines

Outerwear that will not be worn throughout the school day does not have to be in the standard school colors.

Jackets, sweaters, “hoodies” and other outerwear that will be worn throughout the day must be in Standard School Attire colors (white, light blue, red or navy blue).

Do you need help getting SSA or have questions?

Contact our front office staff at 678-842-6824 or Mr. Verity, Mr. Newton, or Mr. Pierre.