Media Center/LLC

Media Center/LLC


What are some digital resources that students can access?

Click on each blue sub-heading to access the resources. 

MackinVIA login

Cobb Digital Library

  • Login Info:  Student ID# / read
  • Cobb Digital Library (CDL) is your one stop shop for all online resources offered at Birney. Get help with science and history topics though online encyclopedias, dictionaries, digital libraries, and other periodicals offered in partnership with Cobb County Public Library.
  • Click Destiny to see the school library.
  • Click ebooks for books to read online.
  • Click Databases to find many additional learning tools.  Look for Brainpop Videos and WorldBook for Kids to help with research projects. Look for PebbleGo for younger student research and nonfiction reading.


  • Username: first.last or
  • Password: school computer password
  • Do you need help with Office365? Please click here.  


  • Sora has a district collection of books and ebooks.
  • You can access Sora on the Cobb Digital Library or by using the Sora app.
  • Use your Office365 username and password to sign in.
  • Click here to watch a video about Sora. 

Cobb County Public Library System: Library Pass

  • Your student number now works like a library card number. It’s your very own Library PASS! If you are a student currently attending a Marietta City Schools or a Cobb County Public School, you already have a Library PASS (Public Library Access for Student Success) account. That means you have access to all of our awesome resources at the public library, including 93 online databases, 18,659 eBooks, 7,270 eAudiobooks, and 430 streaming videos as well as 604,908 physical items in our collection.
  • Use your student number (it’s the same as your lunch number) and your PIN to check out library materials and access digital resources. Your PIN is your 4 digit birthday using the month and day you were born. For example, if you were born on February 4, your PIN would be 0204.

What hours are the media center open?

The media center is open for students from 7:15 am-2:00 pm. It is open for staff any time the building is open.

Does the media center charge fines for overdue items?

No, but if a student has an overdue item they will not be able to check out other items until any overdue items are returned.

How many books may students check out at one time?

Students in Kindergarten check out one book at a time. Students in grades 1-5 have an option to check out two items.  

How long can students keep the books they checkout?

Items checked out from the library may be kept up to two weeks.

What if a book gets damaged?

Damaged or lost materials must be paid for before the student will be allowed to check out any further items.