May 2021 Literatura

May 2021 Literatura


Thank you for coming to the May 2021 Literatura event! 

All of the activities included in the grade-level activity bags were designed so that your child can work to reinforce or extend current grade-level standards. The directions for all activities are provided in each grade-level’s bag. 

We highly encourage all families to read the bilingual book together and use it to complete the Arts Integration activities that we provided.  

Tonight’s treat of a hot dog and popcorn as well as the sidewalk chalk and bubbles was provided by our Partners In Education Northwest Exterminating, Inc. 

We have also included a handout with websites and apps that may be helpful for your child to use to practice reading and math skills over the summer.

 In addition we would like to thank the Georgia Garrison of the 501st for volunteering their time and dressing as Star Wars characters as they helped to greet families.  

If you have any questions, please contact our Academic Coaches, Michelle Mullinax or Katherine Stieber