Daniell Black History Bowl Team Finishes Second

daniell middle school black history bowl team excels in competition hero image

Congratulations to the #2 seed JJ Daniell Middle School Black History Bowl Team.  Saturday, they finished 10-1 (won 10 games in a row) but unfortunately fell to the eventual champion Mount Paran Christian Academy in the championship game.  The team studied hard and rose to the top of the 26-team field.  Thanks for the hard work and dedication in the 5th Annual Black History Bowl.

Gershon Munene 8th Grade 

Jessie Zhang 8th Grade 

Chimamanda Akano 8th Grade 

Chidera Akano 7th Grade (Team Captain)

India Wilder 6th Grade 

Allen Befekadu 6th Grade

Isaac  Garcia  Team Manager