Clubs and Organizations



Advisor: Joshua Bryant

Purpose: This club is a voluntary opportunity for students to gather to discuss, watch, and participate in activities involving anime from Japan. Students must have a signed permission form to view the anime programs. All anime works selected for club viewing have been reviewed by the Anime Club Advisor and found to be acceptable for our students.

Meetings: Friday mornings at 8:15 in Mr. Bryant’s classroom (Room 25). 

Run Girl Run

Advisors: Lauren McAfee and Jaye Collier

Purpose: The first 20-30 minutes of our practice will be spent indoors doing a self-care/self-esteem activity as a group. The second part of our practice will be spent outside doing physical activity based on individual goals. Please bring a snack and water to every practice and be dressed appropriately for the weather and to do physical exercise.

Meetings: First meeting is Tuesday, October 3, 2023. The club will meet from 4:15-5:15 every Tuesday.


Advisor: Kristin Roberts

Purpose: TOME Literacy Society Bowl is a state-wide reading initiative and multimodal competition that tests students’ knowledge of committee selected books. Potential benefits of participation in this reading program include: 

Improved academic achievement 

Increased standardized test scores 

Increased reading comprehension 

Improved verbal communication skills 

Improved cooperation skills 

Increased sense of team spirit 

Enhanced appreciation of literature 

Greater self-esteem 

Meetings: First Tuesday morning of every month at 8:20 in the Learning Commons. 


Advisors: Karina Alarcon and Joanna Burdell

Purpose: The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) recognizes outstanding middle school level students. NJHS serves to honor its members by promoting enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulating a desire to render service, promoting leadership, encouraging responsible citizenship, and developing character in students of secondary schools.

Meetings: Invitations to Inductions Will Go Out in September.


Advisor: Natalie West

Purpose: The Robotics Club participates in the annual FLL Lego Robotics Competition.

Meetings: Thursday afternoons from 4:15-5:15 in Room 125.

DNN - The Morning Buzz

Advisors: Grant Wagner and Bodicia Ridley

Purpose: DNN is Daniell Middle School's morning news show run by students and in place to share announcements and news information that students need to know. Students learn the technical side of the broadcast and how to perform on the air. Students write the scripts and produce the entire show. All participation is on a voluntary basis.

Meetings: Daily from 8:30 AM-9:15 AM.

soccer.jpgJR Jacket F. C.

Advisors: Stacy Meriaux, Karina Alarcon, Grant Wagner, and Lori Sato

Purpose: The futbol club is for students of varying talents to come together for the love of the game. The students will play, practice, and have fun on the football field.

Meetings: Thursdays 4:30-6:00. The club will end the week before Thanksgiving. 

Helping Hands

Advisors: Cayce Pope and Kacy Clark

Purpose: This program connects general education peers with students with disabilities. Being a member of Helping Hands means you enjoy helping others and are willing to foster friendships with students with specials needs. Students must apply for admittance to this club.

Meetings: Students are assigned a scheduled day and time.

Daniell Kindness Club

Advisor: Mollie Adams

Purpose: To make Daniell a better place, one small act of kindness at a time. Students will decide ways to show their support of their peers and teachers around Daniell, trying to make us more of an inclusive, friendly community.

Meetings: First and third Tuesday morning of each month at 8:15.