DMS Challenge


DMS Challenge - Dickerson's Character Education and Positive Behavior Plan

The Cobb County Character Education programs were formed to support parents' efforts in developing good character in their children. 

"The purpose of the Character Education program is to integrate good character traits into the total school environment, as well as into the community."

Dickerson's Schoolwide Positive Behavior Plan

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Important information on understanding playful vs. hurtful teasing and bullying behavior

The pamphlet (link above) is designed to help parents and students navigate the unclear roadways of behaviors that can be seen as hurtful teasing or bullying behavior. It is broken down into sections that will help the reader understand various aspects of behaviors that can be seen as inappropriate. Additionally, we have thought provoking questions throughout the pamphlet to help start a dialogue between you and your son or daughter.

GA. Code Bullying Statute