Required Immunization Information


As required by Georgia Law 20-2-771:

Georgia Form 3231 for all kindergarten and seventh grade students, all students new to Georgia and students coming from any private school must have the form signed by a licensed health-care provider or the county health department. To be enrolled in the District, ALL certificates of immunization must be marked “Complete for Attendance” OR have a future expiration date. Expired certificates will not be accepted for enrollment.

Recommended Immunization Schedule:
State of Georgia Immunization requirements

Waiver of Immunization Requirements Due to Conflict of Religious Beliefs:
Form JGC-4 (English)
Form JGC-4 (Espanol)

Medical Waivers/Exemptions are a part of Georgia Form 3231 and are reviewed annually.

Please submit any related questions and immunization information forms/waivers to Carson Keller at Carson.Keller@cobbk12.org