Principal Advisory Council


A school council functions as an advisory body, offering input to the local school principal.

The District believes family and community engagement is critical to student and district success. The establishment of Principal Advisory Councils is intended to provide a means by which parents, community members, and school staff can work together to create a better understanding of and mutual respect for each other's concerns and share ideas for school improvement.

Council Membership

  1. Two staff members (one being the current Teacher of the Year);
  2. Two parents (one being the current PTSA president);
  3. Two members of the community (one being a Partner in Education representative);
  4. In the case of high schools, the president of the student government organization or senior class president.

Current Membership

For schools with a Title I program, the council meets the requirement for stakeholder committee planning team.

Principals should plan to meet with the council at least three times each academic year.

Meeting Dates/Times

November 7, 2023 3:00 p.m.

January 24, 2024 8:00 a.m.

April 24, 2024 8:00 a.m.