Meet Our Administrators

Harrison High School is proud of its highly qualified and dedicated team of administrators. Every day they show that student success is their top priority as they dedicate countless hours to serving our students, staff, and community. The administration of Harrison High School is composed of the principal and five assistant principals. The principal is responsible for the overall management of the school, and the assistants each have responsibilities for specific areas of the school’s operation.

Ashlynn Campbell, PrincipalMrs. Ashlynn Campbell, Principal

(678) 594-8104
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photo_wesellis.jpgMr. Wesley Ellis, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Mrs. Becky Kelly, Athletic Clerk (678) 594-8014, ext. 019


Areas of Responsibility
Student Alpha: M – R
Departments: Physical Education & World Language
(678) 594-8104 x011
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Dr. Christi Osborne, Assistant PrincipalDr. Christi Osborne, Assistant Principal

Areas of Responsibility
Student Alpha: Cm – G
Departments: Science & Career Education
(678) 594-8104 x012
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Lucia Poole, Assistant PrincipalMrs. Lucia Poole, Assistant Principal

Areas of Responsibility
Student Alpha: A – Cl
Departments: School Counseling & Social Studies
(678) 594-8104 x038
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Mandy Sitten, Assistant PrincipalDr. Mandy Sitten, Assistant Principal

Areas of Responsibility
Student Alpha: H – L
Departments: English, Math & Learning Commons
(678) 594-8104 x050
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graphic_admin_stauch.jpgMatt Staruch

Areas of Responsibility
Student Alpha: S–Z
Departments: Special Education & Fine Arts
(678) 594-8104 x011
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