Student Parking Info

Student Parking Sign


The student parking application is available either electronically or in print format:

All students who wish to park on campus will complete the 4-page STUDENT PARKING APPLICATION:

  1. Cobb County PAVR form (2 page)
  2. Kell Parking Contract (1 page)
  3. Cobb County Truancy form JGFF-1 (1 page)

AND must provide/attach copies of:

  1. Student’s current, non-expired Georgia Driver’s License
  2. Current, non-expired Georgia Vehicle Registration Card (with car tag information clearly visible)
  3. Current, non-expired Insurance Card showing all necessary information (name of company, contact number, policy number, name of policy holder, vehicle insured and date/term coverage)

AND will provide payment:

  1. Cash (exact amount)
  2. Check (payable to Kell High School)
  3. Online payment through: MyPaymentsPlus.com

Completed Applications:

  • Printed Applications, accompanied by Cash (exact amount) or Check – please deliver to the clerk in the Administration 2 Office.
  • Electronic Applications accompanied by My Payments Plus receipt copy – please email to the clerk at: melissa.zeno@cobbk12.org 

INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. It is not enough to pay for the permit. The full application with all attachments must be received. Permits will not be released to students until the application, driver’s license, insurance card, vehicle registration and payment have been received. 

To qualify for parking privileges, the student must be in good standing with regards to disciplinary status, attendance, outstanding items, fines, parking tickets etc...  These issues will prevent a permit from being issued.  

No refunds will be issued for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to: those days students do not attend classes, suspension/revocation of parking privilege, removal of permit, etc.

Additional Parking & Driving Expectations

In addition to the parking guidelines outlined on the parking application and contract, Kell Administration expects all drivers and passengers to conduct themselves in a responsible manner while driving on Kell property and in local subdivisions.

All student drivers should understand that the following violations may result in their loss of parking privileges: 

  • Parking in the incorrect area/parking lot.
  • Suspension for any drug, alcohol or weapons violation.
  • Leaving, attempting to leave, or coming on campus without checking out/in through the Attendance Office.
  • Reckless driving (includes speeding through any part of the parking lot or neighboring areas.)
  • Entering Bus Port area before or after school without direction from Administration
  • Excessive tardies (10 or more).
  • Excessive parking tickets.
  • Invalid/absent Georgia License Plate, meeting all state requirements.

Additional Rules are outlined on the back of the parking application and on the Kell Contract. The Kell Administration reserves the right to revoke parking for other discipline issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I turn in my parking application?

  • In person: to the clerk in the Administration 2 Office (corner of English and Science hallways)
  • Electronically: email to – melissa.zeno@cobbk12.org 

How long will it take to receive my parking permit? How will I know if there is a delay in issuing my permit?

  • Application processing takes 48-72 hours (2-3 school days) after our receipt of properly completed applications with payment. We will notify each student one (1) time via their Cobb County School District (CCSD) email if there is any delay in their permit application. 

How will I get my permit?

  • Students will pick up their permit in person at the Administration 2 Office. Students will be notified one (1) time via CCSD email when the permit is ready for pick up and are expected to pick up their permit the next school day.

How much does a permit cost?

  • Permits are $50 for the first car and $5 for each additional car – same driver. 

I have a sibling at Kell. Can we purchase a $50 permit & a $5 permit so we can both drive?

  • No, siblings must each purchase a $50 permit if they both drive each day. They cannot both be parked on campus at the same time without a permit. $5 permits are for a 2nd car-same driver.

Are one (1) day parking passes available?

  • Yes, students may purchase a maximum of 7 one day passes per semester.  Cost per pass = $1.00 cash (exact). Purchase in person, at Administration 2, prior to 8:15am; Monday-Friday. You must show proof of current driver’s license, vehicle registration (tag) and insurance.

Do I have to buy another permit for the next school semester? 

  • Yes, permits and applications are for one (1) semester only.

Where/How do I affix my permit? 

  • Permits must be permanently affixed to the inside lower corner of the passenger side of the front windshield using the adhesive provided in such a manner that removal will destroy the permit. The permit is self-sticking and must not be taped or otherwise affixed. 

Will I get a citation/ticket on the 9th day of a given semester if I do not have a permit?  Will I get a ticket if my permit is not properly displayed? Where do I pay my parking fine? 

  • Yes, and yes. Pay at Administration 2 - we accept cash (exact) or check. We can post the fine to My Payments Plus if online payment is needed. Students, please present your ticket when paying.

How much is my parking fine?

  • Non-Moving Violations:
    • 1st Offense: $10
    • 2nd Offense $20
    • 3rd Offense & subsequent: $30 & possible towing
  • Moving Violations:
    • 1st Offense: $20
    • 2nd Offense $25
    • 3rd Offense & subsequent: As determined by Administration
  • All citations will be increased by $1.00 per school day beginning the next school day after issue. If left unpaid, ticket amount is doubled. When a citation is received, the student must report to the Administration 2 Office the next school day. 
  • Unpaid parking fines will affect the status of your parking application for the next semester.

Questions not found here? Please email Mr. Burch: Jeffrey.burch@cobbk12.org