Community Service Program


Kell Community Service Program

Give back to your community by participating in a variety of volunteer events, earning community service hours, and earning a medallion as a graduating senior! The mission of the Kell High School Character Education and Community Service Program (CSP) is to encourage students to become civic-minded through engagement in community service projects which benefit the community through Kell High School and prepare our students to be well-rounded individuals.


Acceptable projects and volunteer hours submitted for recognition will include the following:

  • Volunteer time, Service projects, and/or donations which are sponsored by a Kell club, team, or organization. These hours can be verified by the club/organization's sponsor.
  • Volunteer time, Service projects, and/or donations which are sponsored by Kell High School. These hours can be submitted and verified by Kell faculty or staff members who are present at the function or event.
  • Volunteer time, Service projects, and/or donations worked on outside of Kell High School but are confirmed as assisting or benefiting the community. 
    • All hours must be verified by an adult supervisor who is present at the function or event. All contact information must be provided, including a signature. 

Unacceptable projects and volunteer hours examples:

  • Internships and participation in the normal operations of an organization (Sunday school class, choir, regular organizational meetings, etc) do not receive service credit. 
  • Managing a school sport is not a volunteer service. 
  • Hours devoted to monetary or material gain, academic credit in a class, meeting or practice time for clubs or organizations and competitions.

Kell Community Service Program Recognition

  • Students in 9th - 12th grade will be recognized at Honors Night in May if enough hours have been earned for the year (50 minimum). 
  • Seniors who have accumulated the required 4-year total will receive the additional recognition of the Community Service Medallion to be worn at the Graduation ceremony.

Additional Requirements & Due Dates

  • Students will need to complete 50 hours of Community Service each year in order to meet the requirement for honors night recognition. 
  • Students will need to accumulate 200 hundred service hours by the close of their 12th grade year to earn the Community Service Medallion to be worn at the Graduation ceremony. **
  • A total of 10 hours per year may be submitted from one activity (i.e. Shop with a Longhorn).
  • A total of 15 hours per year may be submitted from activities from outside of Kell High School sponsorship. These hours are subject to verification prior to being accepted. (i.e. Tutoring beyond our Kell community, Mission Trips abroad)
  • Required hours are to be completed and submitted to Assistant Principal Amelia Sanders by Friday, January 13th for 1st semester and Friday, April 21st for 2nd semester.  


** Due to the impact that the pandemic of 2020 had on service opportunities the following adjustments to hours requirements have been made:

c/o 2024 = must have 150 hours total 

If you have any questions or concerns, see Mr. Landon Odom or reach out via email. Check back frequently and pay attention to school announcements for information and opportunities to serve. Thank you in advance for the time you give back to our community.

There are two ways to document your hours:

1. Use the link below to digitally log the hours from either your computer or cell phone:

Community Service Digital Documentation

2. Complete the attached hardcopy paperwork and submit this to Mr. Odom by April 19th, 2024 

See the attachment at the bottom of the page for the hours documentation sheet.