Carpool Information

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Arrival:  7:10 AM - 7:50 PM

Dismissal:  2:15 PM - 2:45 PM

King Springs Elementary School encourages parents to allow their children to ride the school bus both to and from school.  School bus service is available for students who are not within walking distance.  Students are never tardy when they ride the bus.  CCSD also uses the Here Comes the Bus website and phone app to allow parents to keep track of the bus.  The school bus is a safe and reliable option for all KSE families.

  • KSE Carpool  Basics:

    • The KSE Carpool line starts as two lanes, one-way, and merges down to one lane directly in front of the school.  It winds through the parking lot with the help of large metal parking lot barriers. 
    • Passing is not allowed at anytime.
    • Vehicles in the right lane should stay to the far right; vehicles in the left lane should stay to the far left.  This allows space for emergency vehicle access. 
    • Students are not to be dropped off in the middle of the parking lot and walk through the parking lot to the school.  Carpool privileges will be revoked and the authorities will be notified of this poor decision.  
  • Morning Car Riders/Arrival:

    • Carpool opens at 7:10 AM.  This is supervised by Administration.  Student supervision is not available at KSE before this time.
    • Have the student prepared to exit the vehicle when it comes to a complete stop in front of a numbered cone.  Staff will be onsite for the first few weeks of school to assist with car doors.  Everybody else in the vehicle that is not the student must remain in the vehicle and be ready to exit the campus.  
    • Student Breakfast: Students that will be eating breakfast at KSE, need to be in the cafeteria no later than 7:30 AM.
    • Tardy Bell rings at 7:50 AM.  Students still outside of the school at 7:50 AM, or later, will need to be signed-in by a parent or guardian in the front office.  Announcements  and roll call begin promptly at 7:50 AM.  
  • Afternoon Car Riders/Dismissal:

    • Afternoon carpool starts approximately at 2:15 PM (after 1st Load school bus riders and walkers have been dismissed).
    • Parents, or Enrolling Parent/ParentVue approved release contact, are to remain in the vehicle when picking up their student.  
    • An active KSE carpool tag with number is required.  This is to be displayed clearly from the rearview mirror. (No card? The parent or guardian will need to park and come into the front office with their photo ID.)
    • Administration supervises and monitors dismissal.  Staff will be onsite for the first few weeks of school to assist students with car doors.
    • Any student that remains on campus and in the carpool line after 2:45 PM will placed into the After School Program (ASP).  All ASP associated fees will be due at the time of pick-up (no later than 6 PM).

Afternoon Dismissal is the most dangerous time of the day as we move 1,100+ students safely from the school to a variety of locations.  

Transportation Changes must be put in writing by the parent or guardian and given to the teacher.  Parent or guardian can come by the front office anytime before 1:45 PM to complete a transportation change form (bring photo ID).

The ONLY transportation change that will can be accepted over the phone is keeping the student at school and in ASP - no exceptions.  This is for the student's safety.