Osborne's Red Sea of Sound Rocks Orlando at Universal Holiday Parade


On Saturday, December 9, Osborne's Red Sea of Sound marching band strutted their stuff and laid down a festive vibe for the Universal Studios Holiday Parade featuring Macy's in Orlando, Florida. The band was selected for the parade thanks to video footage of their halftime shows from the 2023 football season.

"This opportunity came about from a desire to provide exposure for the program," said Osborne Band Director Isaac Wimberly. "I believed the Universal Studios Parade would be an excellent way to showcase the talent of the Red Sea of Sound and the Cobb County School District. It is a huge honor to perform in an event with well-recognized business organizations like Universal Studios and Macy's."

The band played several songs in the parade, including "All I Want for Christmas" and "Sleigh Ride." 

(Special thanks to Director Wimberly and the Red Sea of Sound parent community for providing this video.)

The trip provided the students a chance to make life-long memories with their friends. For some, it was their first time traveling to Florida and Universal Studios. The students had a great time in both Universal and Island of Adventures theme parks taking rides on as many roller coasters as they could. Band staff and chaperones even joined in the fun and rode roller coasters and the other 3-D rides. After a fun day, everyone enjoyed dinner together at the Hard Rock Cafe.

"It was an awesome experience for our students! The parade performance was well-received and we strengthened our bond as a band family. I know it will inspire future growth of the entire program. It was rewarding for me to see the level of excitement in the eyes of students who have worked very hard all season long for this moment!" said Mr. Wimberly proudly.

Like all fall athletes, the marching band students began preparing for their season in the hot summer days of July. They practiced countless hours to learn both the marching maneuvers and the music for halftime shows, competitions, in the stands at football games, and parades like this one. While much of the performance aspects are the same as they are on a field, marching in a parade demands a different level of endurance. Red Sea of Sound students also learned a few additional marching techniques in addition to using what they learned in band camp, to plan and execute their parade routine.

Recognizing the level of commitment that goes into making the Rea Sea of Sound successful, Mr. Wimberly also wanted to thank many others who helped make this possible. "I would like to thank our awesome Band Boosters for working tirelessly to ensure our students have everything they need. Thanks also to our band staff for encouraging and motivating our students to be their best, and last but certainly not least, the Osborne Administration and Faculty for their continued support!"



Congratulations to the Red Sea of Sound, Director Wimberly, and everyone who contributed. You are all great examples of the talent and dedication on display at Osborne and all around the District. Well done!