Class of 2022 Commencement Information

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Graduation Information

Pebblebrook High School

Class of 2022

Commencement Information and Schedule of Activities

Saturday, May 28, 2022, 7:00 PM

Kennesaw State University

Convocation Center


    The Convocation Center is located on the Kennesaw campus of Kennesaw State University at the intersection of I-75 and Chastain Road. From I-75, exit at Chastain Road (Exit 271) and turn west. Go to the first traffic light past the I-75 ramps and turn right onto Frey Road for graduate or guest parking. For accessible and special assistance parking, continue to the second traffic light and turn right on Kennesaw State University Road. Additional approach information and alternate routes are available on the district website at www.cobbk12.org/graduation. 


    Commencement tickets will be distributed on May 24 in the Jackson Gym at commencement practice. Only students who have ordered this year’s cap and gown will receive tickets to commencement. Each student will receive 6 tickets to commencement. Tickets are required for all persons entering, including babies and children of all ages. Graduation announcements sent out by students are not admission tickets. Tickets will be distributed at graduation practice.


    Seniors must meet all graduation requirements to participate in commencement and receive a diploma. All required courses must be successfully completed by Tuesday, May 17, or the student will not graduate with this class. Please note: No work will be accepted after the final exam is given. 

    All financial obligations, including payment for lost textbooks, extracurricular fines, unreturned laptops, etc., must be cleared before final grades can be given and before the senior will be allowed to participate in commencement practice on May 24.


    May 16    - 3rd and 4th blocks

    May 17    - 1st and 2nd blocks


      Commencement practice will be May 24 at 12:00 pm in the Jackson Gym. 


    Herff Jones will deliver caps and gowns on March 15. If students are absent on the delivery day, the main office staff will collect their products. 

    Questions concerning these items should be directed to Herff Jones office at (770) 795-1626. Each student participating in commencement must have the correct gown, matching mortar board, and tassel.

    Caps and gowns must be worn by all graduating seniors. Please press the gown before commencement. Please do not hem commencement gowns. The cap is worn flat on the head with the point at the center of the forehead and the tassel hanging on the right side. 

    Women: Wear a solid-colored dress and black dress shoes with the gown. The dress may not hang below the gown. Black dress shoes are required. Please keep in mind all graduates will be walking up and down stairs and low-heeled shoes are encouraged.

    Men: Wear a white shirt, tie, dark solid slacks, black shoes, and dark socks.

    No jeans, shorts, sandals, open toe shoes, sport shoes, or flip flops will be allowed for women or men.

    Only students in proper attire will be allowed in the processional.

    Students must remain properly dressed throughout the ceremony and are expected to follow directions explained during rehearsal, or they will be excluded from the ceremony. DO NOT THROW CAPS!!! Restitution for any damage to the venue, district property, or vendor property will be the responsibility of the graduate or guest who causes said damage.

    Only school issued caps and gowns, honor cords, and stoles may be worn.

    Caps and gowns cannot be altered or decorated in any way.


    Graduates will report to the Recreation Center by 5:30 p.m. to line up for commencement.

    Doors open at 6:00 p.m. for guests with disabilities and elderly guests requiring assistance. One (1) companion guest may accompany these guests.

    Doors open at 6:15 p.m. for all other guests.

    After the ceremony, family and friends may meet the graduates at the Campus Green.


    Seniors and their parents should carefully read all the information in this packet. Seniors are responsible for knowing and following all directions and schedules in this packet. Before taking part in any commencement activity, each senior must have a signed Commencement Contract on file. 

    All rules and policies of the Cobb County School District will be enforced. Students must remain properly dressed throughout the ceremony and are expected to follow all directions as explained. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from the ceremony.

    Commencement is an optional, dignified, and formal ceremony for graduating seniors, their families, and guests. Possession of any disruptive objects or disruptive behavior may lead to immediate removal from the ceremony.

    We ask the cooperation of all who attend the commencement ceremony to help make it a dignified ceremony. Please refrain from any inappropriate noises that will detract from the dignity of the ceremony. Since this ceremony is an official function of Pebblebrook High School, all Cobb County School District and Pebblebrook High School policies, rules, and regulations are in effect.

    Disruptive students will be removed and WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the ceremony.

    All car keys, cell phones, cameras, and other personal items should be left in the care of family members or friends in the audience.

    Any object which obscures the view or impacts the safety of others is not allowed in any district-managed venue.  A complete list of prohibited items is available on the district graduation web page (http://www.cobbk12.org/graduation).

    Spectators are asked to behave appropriately during the ceremony by holding their applause until all students have received their diplomas, remaining seated during the program, and honoring the graduates with attire and behavior befitting a formal ceremony.


    In accordance with KSU requirements, all persons entering the Convocation Center MUST submit all bags and packages for inspection by public safety personnel. Please do not bring any packages that cannot be opened or inspected. Also, please allow extra time for entry as there may be delays.


    We have arranged for Cady Studios to take an individual photograph of graduates as they receive their diploma. Cady Studios will mail each graduate a proof of the photo and ordering information. The graduates will also receive information to access their photo online.

    A live webcast will be publicly available via the school district website, www.cobbk12.org/graduation. Video services will be provided by Cobb County School District.

    Copies of the ceremony may be purchased on DVD. Information about this service will be provided at the district website (www.cobbk12.org/graduation).


    KSU charges a $10.00 parking fee per car. Be prepared to pay with cash. Please bring exact change to enter the lot quickly and keep traffic moving. 

    Graduates are to park in the Central Parking Deck. Graduates should be encouraged to bring/wear comfortable shoes for walking from the Central Parking Deck to the Carmichael Student Center (CSC) and the Convocation Center (CC). 

    Guests will park in the East Parking Deck and the East Economy Lot (across Frey Road from the East Parking Deck). Overflow parking will be available in the Central Parking Deck. 

    Guests with disabilities and elderly guests needing individualized assistance should park in either Lot A or Lot B (as designated on the campus map). Golf carts will run continuously to convey guests to and from the Convocation Center.


    Flowers and graduation gifts may be purchased from district-approved vendor(s) at district-managed venues.