Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl


Star Readers: HRRB

Sanders will take a team to the January, 2023, Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl!

Helen Ruffin was a DeKalb County School librarian. She wanted to motivate students to read excellent books, so she started the Reading Bowl. The annual HRRB pits teams from participating Cobb County schools against each other in a competitive game format. Students are asked questions about the 10 books chosen by the Georgia Book Award Nomination Committee.

The Reading Bowl is a competition with other elementary school teams in Cobb County that compete after reading 10 different chapter books selected by the committee. We will compete the 2nd or 3rd Saturday in January, 2023. We will have a practice every Monday after school until 4:00, starting the 2nd week of August and going through the week we compete. 

To prepare for the Reading Bowl competition, we will read and discuss the ten books, learn about topics pertaining to the books, write practice questions, practice using the competition buzzers, and memorize facts about the books. What is the benefit of being part of this club? First, students are able to share their love of reading with others. Second, students are given the chance to participate in friendly competition (involving cool buzzers like the ones used on Jeopardy). Finally, team members will be allowed to check out a Reading Bowl book in addition to the 2 books they check out from the library.

You may purchase the books, (you don’t have to) or you can have your child check them out from the public library. We would love for them to begin reading the over the summer to get a jump start. šŸ˜Š

Below is the list of books to read to prepare for the 2023 HRRB.

Isaiah Dunn Is My Hero by K.J. Baptist

Hope Springs by J. Berry

Star Fish by L. Fipps

Muffled by Jennifer Gennari

The Lion of Mars by J. L. Holm

Measuring Up by L. LaMotte

Power Up by S. Nisson

Millionaires for the Month by S. McAnulty

Root Magic by E. Royce

How to Disappear Completely by A. Standish

Start reading NOW!

HRRB 2020.png

For more information and to join the Sanders HRRB Team, email Mrs. Deb Billotte or  Mrs. Sue Thach, our Media Specialist.