Student Enrollment


Walton High School is a conversion charter school.  This means that we serve the students who live within our attendance zone.  Click here to access a map indicating our attendance zone. 

Registration Requirements


Once you have completed the online registration form, please contact the appropriate counselor to schedule an appointment to enroll your student.

A – Ch   Laura Clary             laura.clary@cobbk12.org

Ci – G    Judy Rangel            judith.rangel@cobbk12.org

H – K     Donna Dunham     donna.dunham@cobbk12.org

L -  N     Erica Watford         erica.watford@cobbk12.org

O – Sl    Tina Harwood         tina.harwood@cobbk12.org

Sm-Z     Lisa Fay                    lisa.fay@cobbk12.org

Registrar                               melissa.schrenk@cobbk12.org     770-578-3228                             

Walton High School            770-578-3225

CCSD School Zone Policy-School attendance zones are established by the Cobb County Board of Education. Students are required to attend the school within the established attendance zone in which they reside, unless an exception is granted in compliance with federal and state law, State Board of Education rules and Cobb County School District rules. These exceptions include a student’s attendance at a magnet school, family moves that occur during the school year, assignment of children of employees, student legal issues, and extreme medical/emotional situations at a student’s home school, and school choice.

For additional information visit – www.cobbk12.org

Parents- If you have moved from the original address that is on file for your student, you must provide the Records Room with two current proofs of residency. The two required documents are; one mortgage/lease statement and one current utility bill.