Library Information


The Wheeler High School Library holdings include over 15,000 fiction, non-fiction, and reference books and forty print periodical subscriptions. Over seventy networked computers offer electronic access to over twenty reference databases; multiple encyclopedias; and thousands of magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals.

Wheeler Library received the 2016 Judy Serritella Exemplary Library Media Program award; the program was also recognized as the Georgia Exemplary High School Library in April 2005.  A school is only eligible to receive the exemplary library media program award once every ten years.

Hours: 7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m., weekdays


Library Database Passwords

Passwords for accessing Wheeler Library’s subscription databases off-campus are available to students and staff.  Stop by the library to access the passwords or databases.

Library Policies

Use of the Library

Students are encouraged to use the library before and after school for research and individual study. Passes are required for students to use the library during class periods. Students who wish to use the library during their lunch period are required to have a pass from their 3rd period teacher.

Pass Policies

Between 8:20am and 3:30pm, students entering the library without their teacher must each have an individual pass.  Students who do not have an appropriate pass must return to their scheduled location.

Individual Visits to the Library during Class Time

When classes are in session, students who come to the library without their teacher must present a pass that includes the following 5 pieces of information:

  • Student's name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Where you are permitted to go – Media Center
  • Teacher's signature

Present Pass on Arrival and Sign In on the Laptop

Students must show their pass to a library staff member upon arrival, and sign in. Students leaving the library between classes, or lunch changes, do not need to have a pass signed to be in the halls during transition times.

Late Passes are Not Issued by Library Staff

A pass signed by a library staff member does not permit late arrival to class.  Students who are in the library for lunch will be held responsible for returning to their class on time following lunch.  Students who are in the library between class periods are responsible for arriving at their next class on time, and will not be issued a pass from the library.

Semester Lunch Passes

We encourage students to visit the library during their lunch time, to find leisure reading materials or work on their assignments. To have the freedom to stop by the library during lunch on any day, students should obtain a semester lunch pass from a library staff member, and have it signed by their 3rd block teacher. A semester lunch pass permits the student to go between the library and the cafeteria any day during their assigned lunch block.

Use of Computers

Library computers are provided for school assignments. Individual students may use the computers any time during library hours, except when they are reserved for use by a class. All patrons must abide by the school district's policies and regulations regarding the use of technology.


Students may use Wheeler Library printers to make one copy of their own work for an assignment, or a brief article needed for research. Using a copier for making multiple copies of a document is considerably more cost effective than using a printer; therefore students are not permitted to use the library printers to produce multiple copies or get a hardcopy of study guides and other instructional materials posted on a website.  Students who would like or need a copy of resources that are posted on a class website may bring a paper copy to the library to make a small number of copies.  If a student needs to make a class set of copies for a project, they must make arrangements with the teacher for using the high volume copiers.

Storing Food and Drinks Safely While in the Library

To assist with maintaining our beautiful space for all to enjoy, students entering the library with food or a drink are asked to store the food to avoid potential spills, crumbs, and other related messes. Food or beverage item(s) that are contained well enough to be secured in the student’s personal bag or backpack may remain with the student, if properly stored. Food and beverages that cannot be stored in the student’s bag may be left on the tall counter by the window behind the circulation desk.

Circulation Policies

Students may check out books for a three-week period. Checkouts may be renewed as needed. Magazines may be checked out for overnight use and must be returned the next school day.

Overdue Items

Students are responsible for lost or damaged materials. Students may not check out additional items until all overdue materials are cleared.