Wheeler Counseling


Direct #: 770-578-3269   FAX: 770-578-3282


Acedo, Susan: Records Clerk (ext 035): Susan.Acedo@cobbk12.org 

Bullock, Valerie: C-E and 11th Grade Magnet: Valerie.Bullock@cobbk12.org

Chung, Stephen: F-L: Stephen.Chung@cobbk12.org

Fanoe, Megan: Counseling Clerk: Megan.Fanoe@cobbk12.org

Hall, Michaela: P-T: Michaela.Hall@cobbk12.org 

Mills, Kara: M - O and 12th Grade Magnet (ext 038): Kara.Mills@cobbk12.org 

Nelson, Holly: Special Assignments: Holly.Nelson1@cobbk12.org

Tucker-Edwards, Jackie: A -B and 10th Grade Magnet (ext 040): Jacquelyn.Edwards@cobbk12.org 

Turner, Taisa (DL): U-Z, 9th Grade Magnet, and AVID (ext 041) : Taisa.Turner@cobbk12.org