Faculty & Staff



Front Office Staff
Elaina Bender, Attendance{email}
Dianne Fonseca, Registrar *please email if you have questions regarding registration*
Brenna Fry, Bookkeeper
Melissa Madden, Secretary
Dawn Mahoney, Nurse

Kindergarten Teachers
Kaylin Brown{email}
Ebonee Crawford{email}
Ashley Dotson{email}
Terri Henderson{email}
Lida Sacia{email}
Tommy Wells{email}
First Grade Teachers
Beth Barrett{email}
Lynda Bernard{email}
Jennifer Fortune{email}
Sandra Magee{email}
Helen Price{email}
Rosie Still{email}
Audrey Whaley{email}

Second Grade Teachers
Lajuana Delaney{email}
Heather Keosoukanh{email}
Theresa Levy{email}
Michelle Robles{email}
Karen Shapiro{email}
Crystal Towpik{email}

Third Grade Teachers
Calley Anderson{email}
Leandra Hofmeister{email}
Rebecca Johnston{email}
Sheryl Lewis{email}
Jessica McClellan{email}
Lisa Sonenshine{email}

Fourth Grade Teachers
Katie Burns{email}
Korey Fraker{email}
Wendy Goldberg{email}
Alyson Merritt{email}
Kailey Scarbrough{email}

Fifth Grade Teachers
Robin Baker{email}
Erica Mitchell{email}
Lori Letton{email}
Ashley Woodall{email}

Special Education Teachers
Abigail Baumann, Speech{email}
Karen Bito, Multi-age Classroom{email}
Rochale Clayton, Multi-age Classroom{email}
JJ Griffin, General Curriculum{email}
Katherine Holmes, General Curriculum{email}
Alice Nanda, General Curriculum{email}
Chelse Neville, Multi-age Classroom{email}
Joe Panetta, General Curriculum{email}
Megan Lee, Multi-age Classroom{email}
Melissa Levinson, General Curriculum{email}
Cathy NeSmith, General Curriculum{email}
Stephanie Stock, Speech{email}
Samantha Vlass, Multi-age Classroom{email}

Advanced Learning Program Teachers
Lori Moses{email}
Jill O'Meara{email}

Anthony Bernard, Music{email}
Margo Fryling, Media Specialist{email}
Kelly Healy, Technology{email}
Melissa Johnson, Art{email}
Sarrah Middleton, STEM Lab{email}
Jeff Warrensford, PE{email}

Professional School Counselors
Loraine James{email}
Flynn Pustilnik{email}

Support Staff
Julie Lance, Social Worker{email}
Neelam Machiwalla, Occupational Therapist{email}
Karen Odell, ESOL{email}
Nes Pather, ESOL{email}
Ben Perlow, Psychologist{email}
Sasha Yefremova, ESOL{email}

Sonya Buchanan, Kindergarten{email}
Stacy Dellinger, Kindergarten{email}
Kendall Deshotels, Multi-age Classroom{email}
Rebecca Dumbleton, Kindergarten
Daniela Dumond, Multi-age Classroom{email}
Juliann Flores, Kindergarten{email}
Anneliese Leedom, Multi-age Classroom{email}
Kelly Lopez, Multi-age Classroom{email}
Emily Moore, Specials{email}
Cindy Moran, Media Center{email}
John Sansom, Multi-age Classroom{email}
Manjula Singhal, Kindergarten{email}
Janet Steinheimer, Special Education{email}
Adam Stemple, Specials{email}

Cafeteria Staff
Helen Johnson, Cafeteria Manager{email}
Donna Berryman
Arasha Clemmons
Drecena Davis
Melissa Moeller

Custodial Staff
Barry Crocker
Rosa Martinez
Yohali Perez

After School Program
Janet Steinheimer, Director{email}
Brenna Fry, Bookeeper{email}

Please note that teachers and administrators are in classrooms or working with students for most of the day.  In some circumstances, it may take up to 24 business hours for a teacher or staff member to reply to your email or phone message.  Messages left on Friday may not be returned until Monday.  Thank you!