STEM Academy


Kell STEM Academy Program Description 


Kell STEM Academy Mission Statement 

A program of excellence where students explore and master STEM content. 


What is a STEM Academy? 

A STEM Academy is a program within a school that allows students who are interested to do in-depth study in the STEM fields.  The curriculum for a STEM Academy generally integrates STEM throughout the curriculum. 


How is the STEM Academy different than a traditional high school experience?  

The Kell STEM Academy is designed to give students the opportunity to pursue advanced opportunities in the STEM fields while still in high school.  By taking additional STEM courses, students will be able to begin narrowing down their areas of interest for college and career before leaving high school. STEM Academy students will be given the opportunity to double up in their science courses yearly, and the curriculum for the program will allow students to understand the interconnections between the four broad areas of STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, Students will understand what type of work is done in STEM fields and how the content overlaps significantly 

How does the admissions process work? 

Kell STEM Academy will have a competitive admissions process.  Criteria that will be evaluated will include the following: 

  • Standardized test scores, with emphasis on Math and Science scores 
  • Middle school grades, with emphasis on 7th and 8th Grade. 
  • Curriculum taken in middle school, with favor given to students taking Algebra I or higher in math and Physical Science. 

How are students exposed to STEM careers? 

The Kell STEM Academy will work to develop a network of STEM professionals in order to host regular presentations wherein those STEM professionals can share their work experiences and opportunities in their fields. 


Kell STEM Academy Staffing 

The Kell STEM Academy has a STEM Academy Coordinator who oversees all the program's needs. There is also a Kell Stem Academy Leadership team to guide the program's success. 


Kell STEM Academy

A link is available below until December 15 for students to apply to the Kell STEM Academy.  Rolling admissions may be available after December 15 depending on space available.  Students outside of the Kell High School district may still apply but will need to complete an application for School Choice (HB251) in February in order to be considered.   


Kell STEM Academy Application Form