2022-2023 Course Verification


2022-2023 Course Verification for Core Classes 

Kell Families,

Parents/guardians currently have the opportunity to review their student’s academic placement recommendations from language arts, math, science, and social studies in ParentVue and StudentVue.  These were entered during core registration. It is important for all students to confirm they have reviewed their courses to ensure accurate core placements, and we ask you to do this by submitting a response using the link provided below.  

Core course verification must be completed between Thursday, April 28th  and Wednesday, May 4th regardless of whether changes are needed. Any changes to the student’s core selections must be noted on the form. This is the final opportunity to make changes to 2022-23 core course placements. Please note that the listed courses do not represent the student’s detailed 2022-2023 academic schedule by block. 

The 2022-2023 student course requests entered during core registration are available in StudentVue and in ParentVue. To see the courses entered for each student, select “Course Requests” from the menu. 

During this review process, please verify each core academic placement by CLICKING HERE  

On this form, you will: 

  • Mark each core placement as “correct” or “incorrect”.  
    • If the academic placement entered during registration is “incorrect,” the student and/or family will identify the course and then enter its replacement.   
    • If you are requesting to waive, fill out the  COURSE WAIVER FORM.   
      • This form should be turned in to Ms. Winn in the FRONT OFFICE.
  • Before the school year begins, if class space is available, the completed forms will be used to make possible changes. 

Every effort is being made to create a schedule with student elective choices being honored. You will see all requests the student made during the Elective Selection Process as well. When final schedules are distributed in late summer, students may notice that their top electives may not be present. This is a result of scheduling conflicts and prerequisites not being met for electives. However, their elective choices will be honored unless students improperly completed the process.