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Teachers and administrators are in the classroom or working with students for most of the day. In some circumstances, it may take up to 24 hours for them to reply to your e-mail or phone message. Messages left on Friday may not be returned until Monday. Thank you.

Amy Hinsley (7th Grade Counselor) Hinsley Email
Lauren Oden (6th Grade Counselor)Oden Email
Michelle Perlin (8th Grade Counselor)Perlin Email

Special Education
SpeechAnna Marshall Marshall Email

Nicole Reppe
Reppe Email
Andrea CofieldCofield Email

Support PersonnelEmail
Carol Batchelor
Batchelor EmailFood Services
Karla BrigiottaBrigiotta Email
Tara SmithSmith EmailSecretary
Clark Connelly
Connelly EmailI.S.S.
Debbie Dempsey
Dempsey EmailP.P.O. - Attendance
Liz Doerr
Doerr EmailOffice Clerk
Jacque Fross
Fross EmailSocial Worker
Marcia Harden
Harden EmailNurse
Anita Norton
Norton EmailMedia Center
Casey ClarkClark EmailBookkeeper
Officer Doy Ott
Ott EmailCampus Officer
Russ HenryHenry EmailTechnology