Social Worker


Connecting Home, School and Community

Jacqueline Fross Ed. S, MSW


  • A diverse and rich history in the social work field
  • Over Twenty years with the Cobb County School District
  • Extensive experience working with children, families and communities.

School AssignmentsPrimary Office/Weekly Schedule
  • Davis Elementary
  • Garrison Mill Elementary
  • Rocky Mount Elementary
  • Mabry Middle
  • Lassiter High School

Lassiter High School

770) 591-5055 (office)

678) 494- 7886 (fax)

Monday – Friday 

8am - 11am & 2pm – 4pm @ Lassiter

Monday – Thursday

11am - 2pm @ Feeder Schools

Primary Role/Services

Provide support to students, families and staff with the primary focus of removing barriers to student academic & personal success.  Services include, but are not limited to: attendance interventions, economic assistance, mental health assistance, conflict resolution, counseling, advocacy, crisis intervention, connect student/families to community resources, student groups, RTI participation, parent training, and provide consultation to teachers/staff.

Attendance Information

Please note that students need to be in their seats by the time the bell rings and ready for instruction. Any student entering the classroom after that time is tardy. Students who are in their seats on time alleviate the need for teachers to stop classroom instruction to assist their late arrival. Please make a note of the state requirement for student to be in attendance for at least fifty percent of the day to be counted as present for the entire day. Please keep lost instruction time to a minimum. It cannot be recovered.

 When attending medical appointments, requesting a medical note to return to school will be helpful should your student receive a referral for attendance later in the school year. I am available to support and assist you as needed.  Please feel free to contact me should you need my service throughout the year.  Have a great school year!!!