Advanced Learning Program



Our advanced learning standards-based curriculum prepares gifted learners for the future. This is accomplished by providing students with an interactive and accountable learning environment that prepares them to think globally. Students are engaged in hands on learning, problem solving, team building, and project-based learning that provides students with the opportunity to share their voice and present their ideas to their peers and the community around us. 

Advanced Research

Use of research tools
Problem identification
Information synthesis
Problem solving
Summarizing results
Presenting Conclusions

Affective Learning

Seven Habits of Happy Kids
The 8 Keys
VIA Character Strengths
Group Dynamics
Growth Mindset
Goal Setting

Communication Skills

Advocating for oneself
Voicing Opinions and Ideas in a shared space
Exposure to experts and hands on experiences as related to units of study
Exposure to careers and career options as related to units of study
Group collaboration skills
Presentation skills

Social Responsibility

Explore problems and solutions within our communities beginning with our school, our community, state, country, and global. Communities. 

Algebraic Reasoning

Primary Algebra lessons (grades 1 & 2)
Hands-On Equations Levels I, II, III
Problem based learning
Application of math reasoning skills in real world situations


Engineering through the design process built into many of our units
Using problem solving skills to assess, design, and build solutions to community problems
Use digital tools to collect, organize, analyze, and present information

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