Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

CCSD School Bus


  • The bus lanes close to traffic at 7:00am.  No cars will be permitted to enter this area for parking in the gravel lot beginning at 7:00am. 
  • Morning carpool begins at 7:15 am. Arriving too early causes safety concerns on Post Oak Tritt Road and inhibits our staff from coming to work safely. If you are first in line, please pull up to the newly painted white stripe.  
  • Always drive slowly through the parking lot, paying special attention to students and staff pedestrians. Our expectation is that you will not be using your cell phone while driving on school grounds.
  • Once carpool begins rolling, always pull forward to the sign.  This allows us to unload the maximum number of cars possible, which makes our carpool more efficient.
  • In order to increase our efficiency, we unload cars down the entire length of the front curb. Please follow directions of staff and patrols.  
  • Do not exit your car.  Unless prearranged with the school, please park if you need to assist your child. 
  • Even on rainy days, the tardy bell rings at 7:50.  Please consider using the buses, which are never considered tardy.
  • Cars should be in a single lane.  Morning carpool is a no passing zone once students are present.
  • Do not allow children to exit on the left side of the vehicle.  Even though this is a no passing zone, impatient parents often pass vehicles.  
  • Parents of walkers should say goodbye before the sidewalk (directly in front of the school) begins.  This allows us to keep the sidewalks less congested and safer near the area with many cars.  


  • The front lane must remain accessible for emergencies, early dismissal of students, district vehicles, and deliveries.  Do not begin dismissal queue until after 1:30.  
  • Display your barcode/barcodes (via phone or paper) to our staff in carline each day to start the dismissal process for your child/children. If you have more than one child to pick up, you will need to display a barcode for each child.  
  • Barcodes can be obtained from your ParentVue account (see Dismissal Barcode Flyer below).  You will need one barcode per child you are picking up.  You can save your barcode/barcodes on your phone in your photos/Apple Wallet, make it your screen saver, save it in notes, print it out on paper, or pull it up in your ParentVue app when you are in carpool- whatever works best for you.    
  • You must supply your barcode/barcodes to other people who you have designated to pick up your child.  
  • If you are picking up for someone else, they will need to send you their child’s barcode for car line pickup.  You will not be able to pick up another person’s child without that parent providing you with a barcode. 
  • Please pull up as far as you can.  Watch for direction from the staff members on car duty.
  • Cars should be in a single lane.  Follow the directions of our Tritt staff.
  • No student should be walking through the parking lot to reach parked cars.  Please use the carpool lane.
  • Carpool ends at 2:40.  Any students who remain will go to ASP.
  • Remember, no dismissal changes will be taken after 1:30pm and ONLY through ParentVue.

Please remember that the curb area in front of our lobby is a Fire Lane.  Parking is never permitted along the curb.  In the past, tickets have been issued for cars parked there.

Thank you for following these procedures, designed for both efficiency and safety.  We appreciate your cooperation.