The Inside Scoop: Cobb's Summer Learning Options


Cobb offers many programs and ways to grow young minds during the summer months. Today's guest on The Inside Scoop helps explain the various summer learning opportunities. Lori Horn, Cobb's Director of Assessment and Personalized Learning, joins David Owen for an informative episode.

The conversation covers interventions for students from kindergarten to high school, emphasizing both academic support and credit recovery. Elementary and middle school programs aim to ensure students are prepared for the next grade level. In contrast, high school credit recovery seeks to assist students in retaking failed courses to ensure they stay on track for graduation.

Registration processes vary by level and program. High school credit recovery registration extends to May 22 to accommodate late needs. Transportation, meals, and attendance policies are the same as the regular school year.

Parents are encouraged to engage with their child's school and explore available resources for summer learning. It is an excellent opportunity to prepare for next year or make-up needed classes. Education happens year-round, and Cobb offers many options for students to engage their minds during the summer months.

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