Student Parking Info 24-25


Student Parking Information


Parking application process is now open for Seniors and Juniors who are going to drive and park in school premises.  

Please note that we have limited parking spaces.  As of now we will be reviewing parking applications for Seniors. 

Once we have allocated all Seniors based on availability, we will be processing Juniors.

 This process must be completed through email. Please read all required steps and follow the directions before submitting your application. When submitting, submit ONE EMAIL with your application and all required documentation from each of the steps listed below. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. Failure to follow instructions will delay the process.  

 After your application is processed and approved you will receive an email from MyPaymentsPlus to make your payment. 

 *Students with outstanding parking fines and/or excessive tardies will not be eligible to register.*

 **You must submit all paperwork associated with registration even if you submitted it last semester.**

 Parking application steps:

 Step 1:

Send Email to: Wheelerstudentparking@cobbk12.org  


 Step 2:  

Email Parking Application (3 pages) 

•     Cobb County Parking Permit Application/Vehicle Registration -Page 1

•     Rules and Regulations with Signature(s) and Date- Page 2

•     Truancy and Tardy Rule with Signature(s) and Date – Page 3

 Step 3:

Email the following documentation with your application (3 attachments)

•    Current GA Driver’s License – Class D

•    Current Car Insurance Card for vehicle listed on the application

Expired insurance card will not be accepted. You cannot park on campus with an expired car insurance.

•    Copy of current GA Tag Registration 

Must be a GA Tag, NO exceptions. Do not submit renewal notices. You must provide proof of expiration date.

 Step 4:

Applications will be review in the order received.  It may take up to a week to process your application.  Incomplete applications will not be processed. After you receive the approval email, you will receive a MyPaymentsPlus email to make your payment.   Bring in the confirmation from MyPaymentsPlus to pick up your parking pass.

 Decal Price is $50

Emergency One Day Parking Permits

Emergency one-day parking permits remain the same cost of $1.00.

 2024-2025 Parking Fines

Advisory: Please do not park in school premises until application has been approved and paid.   Otherwise, your car will be fine, and you are liable for paying those fines. See fine fees below.   

  • Non-Moving Violation, 1st Offense

$15 + $1 Per Day

  • Non-Moving Violation, 2nd Offense

$20 + $1 Per Day

  • Third & Subsequent Violations

$30 + $1 Per Day

  • Moving Violation, 1st Offense

$20-$30 + $1 Per Day

  • Moving Violation, 2nd Offense

$25-$35 + 1 Per Day