Wheeler Strategic Plan 22-23


Superintendent’s Priorities

  1. Make Cobb the best place to teach, lead and learn.
  2. Simplify the foundation of teaching and learning to prepare for innovation.
  3. Use data to make decisions.


Instructions: Select two goals connected to the Superintendent’s priorities.  Indicate which priority your goal is connected to and the actions, and evidence needed to meet the intended outcome. The reflection stage will be completed after measuring success with your intended outcome.

School:                 Wheeler High School     Principal:             Paul Gillihan

Superintendent’s Priority:

Make Cobb the best place to teach, lead and learn AND Use data to make decisions.

Initiative (Goal):

Increase the number of students in underserved populations who take AP Courses.

Critical Action: (What actions are necessary and by when?)

  1. Look at AP data specifically the break down by subgroups of participants in AP Courses. (Summer 2022)
  2. Look at AP Potential data from PSAT – identifying those students who are not in AP Courses but have the potential to do well (Summer 2022)
  3. Offer Pre-AP courses in all four core content areas – starting with Social Studies and English during the Fall of 2022 and then adding Math and Science in the Fall of 2023.

Evidence: (How do we monitor progress?)_

We will monitor the progress each year but comparing the numbers in each subgroup year to year.   

Outcomes: (How do we measure success?)

Success will be an increase in the number of students taking AP Courses and AP Tests in our underserved populations.

Reflection: (What do we do if goal is met or not met?)

This will be an ongoing goal as we will need to compare year after year to see if the Pre-AP classes are actually meeting the needs of our students and preparing them for AP courses and tests.