Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


Policies regarding campus hours, early dismissals and transportation changes

If your student is a car rider or walker, arrival time can be as early as 8:15 am (classes begin at 9:15 am) and no students should be dropped off prior to 8:15 am. All students should be off campus by 4:45 pm each day.

Please send a note in with your student if an early check-out is required or you are making any transportation changes for the day other than the normal method already arranged. If you are picking up your student for an early appointment, early dismissals are accepted until 3:45 pm. If you arrive to check out your student AFTER 3:45 pm, please accept our apologies but we will not be able to call into the classroom. Students will be dismissed at normal dismissal time which is 4:15.

In addition, all last minute transportation changes must be completed by 3:30 pm to ensure we have adequate time to communicate this with your student and their teacher. Only in emergency situations will we accept transportation changes after 3:30 pm.

Please refer to the student handbook under General Information to view school policies. We appreciate your cooperation.