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Course Registration will occur each semester with the aid of classroom teacher recommendations.

Elective registration typically occurs early in the spring semester each school year. For elective registration, students must select 8 electives, ranked in order of preference. It is important that students are mindful of opportunities for pathway completion as well as requirements needed for college entrance (ex. World Languages). Elective registration is an opportunity for students to indicate course preferences. If students do not select their electives, the scheduling department and/or counselors will make the selections. 

Course Catalogues for the 2023-24 school year are linked below for reference, however, they are subject to change.  

Kell Elective Course Options 23-24

2023-2024 Rising 10-12 Grade Course Catalogue

2023-2024 Freshman Registration Handbook - This link is to be utilized by incoming Freshmen.

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Kell Course Waiver Form


Yearbook 2023-2024

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2023-2024 Online CVA/GAVS Contract

Minimum Day Application (Spring Only)

Kell Mentorship Program_Student Application