About School


Pine Mountain Middle School was named for the Civil War battle which took place just northwest of the school on the nearby mountain slope. It is believed that the mountain was called "pine" because of the stand of pine trees there. Pine Mountain, the highest point between Lost and Kennesaw Mountains, was fortified by the Confederates and was used as an outpost of the main Confederate line. General Joseph Johnston led the Confederate troops and hoped to slow the advance of General William Tecumseh Sherman as he neared Atlanta. The Battle of Pine Mountain took place between June 10 and June 14, 1864. General Johnston's troops had been joined by General Leonidas Polk. While observing the advance of the Union troops from the top of Pine Mountain, General Polk was killed by Union artillery fire on June 14, 1864.

Pine Mountain was one of the few areas used by both the Confederate and Union armies. The Confederate army used the mountain as a fortification. The Union army used the mountain as an observatory during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.

Pine Mountain Middle School first opened its doors in 1979 to serve the growing population of northwest Cobb County. The school is located on the site of the Civil War Battle for Pine Mountain. Our first principal was William T. Wood. He served for four years and was succeeded by Henry Nettles, who served until June 1995. Beginning July 1, 1995, Tony L. Melton became the third principal of Pine Mountain. In July of 1999, Dr. Ivia Redmond took over the leadership of the school until 2008. Mrs. Lisa Jackson was promoted from assistant principal to principal effective July 1, 2008. Dr. Jasmine Kullar then became our principal from 2015-2018. David Nelson is our current principal. He has been in our district as a principal since 2007. Prior to joining the Cobb County School District, he taught seventh and eighth grade science, served as an assistant principal for eighth and ninth grade students, and served as a principal with students in eighth and ninth grade. For the last twelve years, his focus has been with students in grades six through eight.

Our Commitments

We promise to:

  • Promote a positive community
  • Support and encourage each other
  • Be flexible, respectful and have open and honest communication
  • Keep students first

Our Mission

One Team, One Goal -- Student Success!

Our Vision

Prepare students for high school success.

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