Helpful Curricular Links


Cobb Digital Library (CDL)

CDL provides access to NewsELA, BrainPOP, SORA, CultureGrams, 
Cobb County Public Library, Destiny, Discovery Education, GALILEO, 
and much more with one login.

When accessing the Cobb Digital Library on a device through the MackinVIA app, or at home using https://cobb.mackinvia.com, use your Office 365 login (typically firstname.lastname and computer password). CCSD staff should use email address and computer password.

Cobb Public Library

  Cobb County Public Library access through Cobb Digital Library (CDL) 
or directly through Cobbcat.org

  CCSD student# = Library card #

  PIN = Student birthday in 4 digit format (January 1 birthday = 0101)

  Students have access to audiobooks and ebooks.

  Summer Reading Information is available at cobbsummerreading.com
or cobbcat.org/summer

This site provides information and support resources for Microsoft 365, Cobb Digital Library, CTLS, Digital Textbooks, ParentVue, 
and Student Laptops.


Once you open the Clever link above, login with

Active Directory using your O365 username and school computer password

FRECKLE can be accessed through CLEVER