Our Work


Our Work

Our work to prepare students for high school success by either meeting or surpassing grade level expectations is centered around three tiers. 

Our first tier represents the work we do for all students. Our goal in tier one is to provide all students with access to grade-level standards and effective initial instruction. We measure our students' progress in tier one by using common formative assessments (CFAs / quizzes) and use Fridays as our instructional support days. In other words, on Fridays our teachers provide individualized support to students based on how well each student has demonstrated mastery of standards on the common formative assessments. The goal of instructional support days is to help students be successful on unit/chapter test by showing mastery of the grade level standards taught within a particular unit.

Our second tier represents the instructional support we provide for students after a unit test. For students who showed mastery of the standards on a unit assessment, teachers will provide students enrichment activities to help them expand their knowledge and learn at deeper levels. For students who do not show mastery of the standards on a unit assessment, teachers will provide students support on learning priority standards within the unit. Priority standards are standards that are critical for students to learn because they serve as building blocks for other standards. This type of extension and enrichment for students occurs on Thursdays during the CLIMB Academic Period.

Our third tier represents the instructional support we provide students who still struggle with learning even after support in tier 2. For a student to receive support in the third tier, teachers work to uncover the root cause a student may have difficulty mastering grade level standards. For example, students may experience difficulties due to reading, writing, number sense, English Language, social and academic behaviors, and/or health or home situations. Support in the third tier may occur during the school day in classes like Read 180 or Math Support, small group sessions with counselors and/or teachers, or additional support through programs such as Cobb Mentoring Matters, to name a few.

In short, during the school day our staff has a plan to work toward our mission of being one team with the one goal of student success and to achieve our vision of preparing students for high school success. Outside the school day, we need your help to achieve our mission and vision as well. You can help your student at home by:

  • Ensuring your child has good attendance,
  • Being on time to school,
  • Completing homework,
  • Setting goals with your child for both behavior and academics each quarter,
  • Providing a place at home for your child to study where few distractions occur,
  • Staying informed of what your child is learning by reviewing CTLS, and
  • Monitoring grades in ParentVue.

Whether as a parent, family member, business partner, or staff member, by working as one team with the one goal of student success, we are confident we can achieve our vision of preparing our students to be successful when they enter high school.