Advanced Content


Pine Mountain Middle School Advanced Content (AC) Coursework

Pine Mountain offers a variety of advanced content classes at each grade level. Students qualify for placement into these classes based on criteria. Students must maintain Continuation Criteria (minimum 80% class average in ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Reading; minimum 80% raw summative test average in math) to retain placement in AC classes.

6th Grade AC Courses
7th Grade AC Courses
8th Grade AC Courses

● AC English/Language Arts

● AC Social Studies

● AC Earth Science

● Advanced Math 6

● Math 6/7

● AC English/Language Arts

● AC Social Studies

● AC Life Science

● Advanced Math 7

● Math 7/8

● AC English/Language Arts

● AC Georgia Studies

● High School Physical Science

● Advanced Math 8

● Algebra I

● Spanish I

● HS Art

Pine Mountain Middle School Advanced Content Placement Criteria for 2024-25

2024-2025 Advanced Content Placement Criteria.pdf

In addition to AC courses, Pine Mountain Middle School continues the Gifted Program and will reassess gifted qualification in the 7th grade for all eligible students.

The requirements for identifying and placing students in the gifted program are governed by Georgia State Department of Education Rule 160-4-2-.38 (see below).

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More questions? Contact our Gifted Coordinator, Jennifer Cassidy.

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