IOWA - How Does My 7th Grader Compare to Others Across the Nation?

IOWA - How's my 7th grader doing compared to others?

Beginning September 1, 2021, our 7 graders will start taking the CogAT and the IOWA. These two assessments allow you to see how your child is doing academically compared to students all over the country and students they will competing against for spots in colleges and universities as well as some scholarships. It is important for parents and students to know that the student’s score on the IOWA will be used as part of the decision making process for magnet school placements as well as classes taken in eighth grade. So, please be sure to encourage your 7 grader to do their best!

In addition, many realtors and executives use the IOWA as a basis to determine whether or not schools are competitive. The 65 percentile and higher is usually considered competitive scores. In 2019-2020, Pine Mountain students collectively scored at the 52.2 percentile rank. So, Pine Mountain students are scoring above over half of the students in the nation.  We have been doing well, but with a little more encouragement our kids can not only score at the 65 percentile but also above. We have many students who score well into the 90’s! Let’s all be sure to support our 7 grade team this year and their students as they gear up for the IOWA!

The CogAT is a norm-referenced test, which measures reasoning and problem-solving skills in three different areas: verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal. The CogAT will be administered September 1. The IOWA assessment is a norm-referenced test that measures academic achievement in core areas. If you have any questions about the CogAT or IOWA, please email your questions to our Testing Coordinator, Carrie O'Connor, at Caroline.Oconnor@cobbk12.org