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The Cobb County School District recognizes that students who demonstrate exceptional potential in a specific area may benefit from a specialized program. Cobb’s magnet programs allow students to pursue their interests, develop their talents, and extend their competencies beyond the usual scope of high school.

During fall semester, eighth grade students at each district middle school are provided information about all magnet programs. On September 8, all 8 grade students will view the magnet presentation at PMMS. Due to limited space at each program, students are selected through a highly-competitive, rigorous application process. Applications to academic magnets are due in early December. Performing arts candidates participate in an application/audition process during spring semester.

The district provides arterial transportation for students attending magnet programs. Interested students and parents should go online or contact program coordinators for more information.

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For more information about magnet programs, click here to visit the district website.