Accelerated Content Frequently Asked Questions


Pine Mountain Middle School

 Accelerated Content 2024-2025 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of the Accelerated Content (AC) program?

A: Advanced and Gifted students have unique learning characteristics, interests, personal needs, and capabilities. The Accelerated Content classes address these unique characteristics and needs by providing an opportunity for students to interact with their intellectual peers as they participate in classes which extend and enrich the core curriculum.

2. I want to recommend my child for AC classes.

A: Placement is based on specific academic criteria and not on parent or teacher recommendations. Please refer to the placement chart for the specific criteria.

3. When/how will I be notified that my child received any AC classes?

A: The information will be sent out in May letting students know the courses to which they have been assigned. There is a 1 week only drop for AC classes. After the deadline, a student cannot drop an AC class.

4. If my child is selected to be placed into AC classes, are there additional requirements?

A: An AC student must maintain an 80% class average to stay in their AC courses.

5. What should I do if my child is struggling to maintain an 80% class average?

A. All teachers have office hours before or after school for additional support. Contact your child's teacher through CTLS Parent for additional resources.

6. Is there an automatic referral process?

A: Students who have a standardized test score at least in the 85th percentile as measured by IOWA, CoGAT, and/or GA Milestones will be automatically referred. However, that automatic referral does not guarantee placement.

7. My student is coming in from outside of the district. How should we handle this process?

A: Contact the school to determine next steps.