Student Parking Info


Download the Parking Application from the link below and bring to Front Office:

Sprayberry Parking Application

Completed paperwork consists of ALL the following:

Please attach the following items to the application with a paperclip (Do Not Staple):

  1. Parking application signed by parent and student.
  2. Copy of student’s current driver’s license. (Georgia Only)
  3. Copy of proof of insurance including insurance company name, policy # and date/term of coverage for the car student will be driving (MUST BE CURRENT)
  4. $50.00 check or correct change only (EACH SEMESTER).  Make checks payable to Sprayberry High School
The application will be incomplete and not accepted if any of the above items are incorrect or missing. 

Additional Parking / Driving Expectations
In addition to the parking guidelines outlined on the parking application, Sprayberry High School expects all drivers and passengers to conduct themselves in a responsible manner while driving on school property and in local subdivisions.

All student drivers should understand that the following violations may result in their loss of parking privileges:

  • Parking in a space not assigned to the student.
  • Suspension for any drug, alcohol, or weapons violation. 
  • Leaving, attempting to leave, or coming on campus without checking in through the Attendance Office.
  • Reckless driving or speeding through any part of the parking lot.
  • Entering the bus lane before or after school without direction from administration.
  • Excessive tardies to school/advisement.
  • Excessive parking tickets.

Additional rules are outlined on the back of the parking applications. The Sprayberry High School administration reserves the right to revoke parking for other discipline issues.

  • Students must have turned in or paid for all lost books in order to pick up parking decal
  • All previous parking fines must be paid in order to pick up parking decal
  • Any car without a decal is subject to being ticketed or towed.