Attendance Office


The Attendance Office at Sprayberry High School is located just inside the school entrance from the Patio. 

Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm

No checkouts are allowed after 3:00pm!

In accordance with CCSD’s Attendance Policy, Sprayberry High School will only accept notification of an absence or tardy three school days prior to the student’s absence. Any notification that is turned in after the three-day window will be void and the absence or tardy will remain unexcused. 

To submit a notification of an absence or tardy, please email Michelle.Pace@cobbk12.org

All notifications must include the following:

Student’s Name

Student’s School ID Number

Date of the absence or tardy

Reason for the absence or tardy

Failure to include these may result in an unexcused absence or tardy for your student.