Introducing Trojans 4 Life (T4L) Alumni Association

Trojans for Life T4L Alumni Association

Lassiter High School launched a new alumni association called T4L (Trojans For Life). This association is for all Lassiter alumni interested in supporting and developing a connected community.

The goal of this organization is to create a strong body of proud Lassiter alumni, in order to support the athletic department, foster networking, and host exclusive events. With this increasing support, the Lassiter community can grow, allowing more opportunities for students and alumni alike.  T4L members will receive a regular newsletter on events happening at Lassiter and alumni success stories. Additional opportunities included Alumni merchandise and exclusive events will be announced later this year. 

“We’re so excited for the introduction of this association to our Lassiter community.” Scott Kelly, the Lassiter athletic director, and T4L sponsor.

The T4L community will continue to develop and grow as time goes on. After its inaugural year the program intends to open its arms to welcome all alumni, not just athletic alumni. The goal is to create a strong community wide program of thousands of members to carry on to the generations of trojans to come.

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