The mission of the Lassiter High School Counseling Department is to serve the needs of all students and assist them in overcoming barriers that impede learning by promoting a comprehensive guidance model in a nurturing environment that produces capable, responsible and productive members of society. Together with our stakeholders we strive to prepare students for rigorous post-secondary opportunities through Academic, Career and Personal/Social Skills development.

Phone: 678-494-7866  
Fax:  678-494-7865
Hours:  Monday - Friday; 7:45a.m. - 3:30p.m

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Student Counselor AssignmentCounselor Name
Last Names A-CLindsey Johnson, Ext. 034
Last Names D-HoBrittany Hughes, Ext. 054
Last Names Hp-M Michaela Hall, Ext. 086
Last Names N-SrMeghan Ben, Ext. 032
Last Names St-ZLiz Clark, Ext. 060