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Welcome to World Languages! Lassiter High School World Languages program offers language studies in Spanish and French, as well as American Sign Language.  In our program, the goal is to prepare students to be competitive when applying for college and entering the workforce.  Students need to be language proficient and culturally competent in today’s global economy.  At LHS, students have many opportunities to learn and experience the language in academics, extracurricular activities and travel: world-languages-group-photo.jpg


  • Our program strives to develop proficiency in languages other than English in order to help students communicate and connect successfully with other cultures.  
  • Our program prepares students to take the AP test, the SAT 2 and National Exam.
  • Our program invites students to join the Spanish National Honor Society and French Honor Society.
  • Students may be eligible to participate in the Governor’s Honors Program. 
  • Students have the opportunity to earn the Georgia’s Seal of Biliteracy and International Skills Diploma Seal. 
  • Students may be eligible for scholarships opportunities offered through our program and by various organizations outside of Lassiter High School.

Extracurricular activities

  • Spanish, French, and ASL language clubs
  • Language immersion camps
  • Spoken language contests


Students have the opportunity to travel abroad to enrich their language and learn about the cultures of various countries.


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