Summer Reading



For your convenience, we have posted the summer reading lists and assignments below and on the media center website, with information on where you can locate the reading materials. Please note, we are posting assignments as they come in, so please continue to check back regularly. 

Language ArtsCollege Prep 9th Literature (suggested)  | Major Works Data Sheet
Honors 9th Literature (required)
STEM Honors 9th Literature (required)
ScienceHonors Biology
STEM Honors Biology
STEM Honors Principles of Biomedical Science
World Languages
French 2
Spanish 2

10th GRADE
Language ArtsCollege Prep World Literature (suggested)  | Major Works Data Sheet
Honors World Literature (required)
STEM Honors 10th Literature (required)
Social StudiesAP World History Summer Assignment
ScienceCollege Prep Chemistry
Honors Chemistry
STEM Honors Chemistry
World LanguagesFrench 2
Spanish 2
Honors French 3
Honors Spanish 3

11th GRADE
Language ArtsCollege Prep American Literature (suggested)
Honors American Literature (suggested)
AP Language / Composition (required)
AP Seminar (required)
World LanguagesHonors French 3
Honors French 4/5
Honors Spanish 4

12th GRADE
Language ArtsCollege Prep Advanced Composition (suggested)
Honors Advanced Composition (suggested)
Honors Dramatic Writing (required)
AP Literature / Composition (required)
AP Research (required)
ScienceBiomedical Innovation
Honors Anatomy and Physiology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science Assignment
World LanguagesHonors French 4/5
AP French
AP Spanish