Spring EOC Exam Schedule

Spring EOC Exam Schedule

Students taking American Literature, Biology, US History and/or Algebra I will be given the End of Course (EOC) test. The test window will begin Monday, April 24 and continues through Tuesday, May 7. The EOC test score will comprise 20% of students' final grade in the course.   

If your student has lunch during one of their exam times, he/she will go to lunch the period following their test.  

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ClassTesting Date
American Lit. Section 1 April 24
American Lit. Section 2 April 25
American Lit. Section 3 April 26
Algebra 1 Section 1
May 1
Algebra 1 Section 2 
May 2
Biology Sections 1 and 2 
May 6
US History Sections 1 and 2
May 7
MakeupsMay 8 - 17