Beth Ruff and Mrs. LShawn Thomas

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Mrs. LaShawn Thomas ( 1st, 3rd, & 5th)  email

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If you are experiencing a crisis outside of school hours, please use these hotlines for help. If in immediate danger call 911.

Who Can I Call:

DFCS Report: 1-855-GACHILD

National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4ACHILD

Helpline: 1-800-CHILDREN


*If you have questions on how to enroll your student, please visit the CCSD Website:

Student enrollment

If you have additional questions, please contact our school clerk,(Gina Johnson Joshua) email

Our Mission

The mission of the Powder Springs Elementary School counseling department is to implement a comprehensive and innovative counseling program that is accessible to all students. Through collaboration with stakeholders including students, parents, staff, and community representatives, school counselors identify and address the academic, personal/social, and career needs for all students. The school counselors invest in and inspire all students through positive relationships and setting high expectations for long-term success. The school counselors collect and analyze data with integrity in order to develop innovative strategies and deliver core counseling curriculum that fosters personal growth, academic achievement, and service to others. The school counselors advocate for all students and encourage them to realize their full potential.

Our Vision

Powder Springs Elementary students engage in creative learning and develop positive values, produce academic excellence, and set career aspirations and become well-rounded contributing members of society. Students strive for academic, career, and personal goals while practicing empathy and social responsibility and become successful citizens of tomorrow that positively impact their communities.

American School Counselor Association Announces 2019 RAMP Schools

This year, 71 schools in 21 states will receive the Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) designation during a special ceremony at the American School Counselor Association’s Annual Conference in Boston, Mass. The schools will be honored on July 1, 2019, for making an exemplary commitment to comprehensive school counseling programs. Included in this group are Griffin Middle School, McClure Middle School and Powder Springs Elementary School.

The RAMP designation, awarded for aligning with the criteria in the ASCA National Model, recognizes schools committed to delivering a comprehensive, data-informed school counseling program and an exemplary educational environment. Since the program’s inception, nearly 900 schools have been designated as RAMP recipients.

This year, Virginia leads the number of RAMP designations, with 12 schools in the state receiving the honor. Three schools in California, Hawaii and Virginia will receive the RAMP School of Distinction award, honoring schools with exceptionally high-caliber school counseling programs based on rankings determined by a panel of RAMP reviewers. RAMP-designated schools are now in 46 states across the country. The RAMP designation is good for five years, after which time schools must reapply to maintain their RAMP status.

“This year’s RAMP honorees have shown their commitment to students and the school counseling profession,” said Jill Cook, ASCA assistant director. “These schools used data to drive their program development and implementation so all students can achieve success. RAMP designation distinguishes these schools and encourages school counselors nationwide to strive for excellence.”

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