Congratulations to Visual Art's Wes Rains on Being Named Artist of the Week!

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Spotlight Image - Artist of the Week - Wes Rains

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Written by Newspaper Staff Reporter Kamran Padilla

The Artist of the Week for Allatoona High School is Wes Rains. Wes has been creating art since the 3rd grade with his inspiration coming from anime books and cartoons. He has been doing this for almost a decade as he is a senior now. Mrs. Laura McInerny had to say about Wes, “Wes has been enrolled in multiple art classes per semester for years. He is an AP student completing his portfolio this spring. Wes has also represented the Art Club, being the “face” of Art Club for Buc Bash two years in a row.” Wes is a significant role model for art and for future artists, and he has some advice for future artists, “Take inspiration from another artist, surroundings, work, and everything. Don’t give up and don’t put yourself down… And always look at your older work.” After talking to Wes, it is easy to tell how much he loves art and how he wants others to succeed. A congratulations goes out to Wes Rains this week. Great job! 

All art remains the property of Wes Rains